Exporting Data from MyJohnDeere


One of the crucial steps in setting up your Smart Agri Labs account is to send us the following shapefiles:

1. Fields and Operational Boundaries

2. Harvest 

3. Seeding 

One option for getting your field boundaries into our system is by exporting the Shapefiles and boundaries from MyJohnDeere.

We encourage customers to reach out to our Customer Success Team by sending an email to info at smartagrialbs.com for assistance on importing these files.

Steps to Export Data:         

  1. Sign in to My John Deere account:

  1. Go to Operations Center in My Applications:

  1. (Optional) Add Smart Agri Labs as a partner organization. This step is needed if you want to send your shapefiles directly to our organization. Otherwise, you would need to send files by email to info@smartagrilabs.com.

Go to the Team sub-menu in the Setup Menu of the Operations Center:

Press + button, and then Add a Partner button:

The Add a Partner window will pop up:

Follow the steps of granting access, including adding our email (info@smartagrilabs.com) and enabling access to Locations (please specify which one(s) if needed) and Work as shown below:

  1. Select Fields (1) -> Select All (2) -> Export Data (3)

  1. The window Export Data will pop up. Select Shapefile (1) -> Boundary (2) -> Specify a date range that will cover Seeding and Harvest dates (3) and press Apply.

If you want to share the shapefiles from the previous season, please select a corresponding date range. For example, for the 2020 and 2021 seasons, select the range from 03/01/2020 to 11/01/2021.

Note: You cannot export more than 250 operations at once. Choose a shorter date range or select fewer fields to export:

Select Seeding and Harvest operations (1) and press Next (2):

  1. The second page of the Export Data window will appear.
    Change the file name (1) to one of your choice. Then you can choose to send files to a partner organization (should be added in advance, as described above) (2) or to send files directly to our email and press Export (3):

  1. The summary of your request will appear: 


Usually, you can access the generated files on the next business day in the Files section.

To access this section, go to the More menu (1) and press Files sub-menu (2):

  1. To download the corresponding file, find it in the recently uploaded files, select it and press the Download button:

  1. You can upload files in your account or send files directly to this email (info at smartagrilabs.com) using common cloud storage services like Google Drive. In the latter case, we recommend to password protect your files.